Letting traffic out versus cell phone abuse

This morning, we're in the usual crawl of traffic along Harbour Road, and we approach the junction with Chapel Road.

A silver Opel stops and waves his hand out, to allow a white car to enter Harbour Road. However, the driver of the white car doesn't even look in the other direction before barreling into the road.

A dump truck is in the other lane, of course, and has to stomp on the brakes pretty hard to avoid a collision. It took really quick reflexes to pull that off, considering that the road looked a little wet and there wasn't much time for him to react.

Since traffic headed into the city was still pretty much at a standstill, the driver of the truck, and I sure can't blame him for being upset, stopped to chastise the driver for that reckless move. It didn't seem like the driver paid the truck driver any mind at all.

A bit later, I was able to move past this car to see who it was that decided to play Bermuda's favourite traffic game.

A woman, cell phone lodged to her ear.

You, driver of 04778, are a menace to road users and need to put the phone down and focus on the road, or stick to catching the bus and ferry. Damn.

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