Schools coming back in - the traffic begins

Only some schools have begun their new terms, but the effects can already be seen in terms of traffic coming from the West End. Man, I wished I still lived East. Ah well.

The Bermuda police released some statistics on crime last week and it's worth a read. The Police should be commended for making data available on the web and for updating their methods of producing the statistics. Crimes are categorised as one of six possible classifications, two of which focus on traffic issues, one on drug offences, and one each for crimes against the person, property and the community.

Side note: Bermuda Police, do not use Comic Sans for a professional document ever again. This is not a cartoon.

The concluding bullet points in the press release highlight an encouragement to businesses to install CCTV to aid in the recording of possible crimes and gathering of evidence. By the way, Corporation of Hamilton should be included as one of those businesses, particularly relating to the public car parks.

Also, touting Crimestoppers is continued and in a small community, people should be made aware of the hotline on a regular basis. Fact is that people are reluctant to report information that could help to catch criminals, whether it be through apathy, a desire to avoid possible retribution, lack of trust in the police or justice system or a combination of the above. But the community at large needs to bear some responsibility for helping restore some safety for the island's residents.

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Denis said...

I've give them the benefit of the doubt that they're using their resources to fight crime rather than make documents look professional.

Besides, it could be worse, they could've used Papyrus