Red lights in Bermuda are just a suggestion (III)

It's almost identical to the incidents I mentioned earlier this month. This time, the rider of BA942 was at the front of the queue, and while the light was still red, he looked to his right, and then drove off.

We don't have a "Turn on Red" signal anywhere on Bermuda's roads, but due to ineffective or invisible monitoring of locations like the traffic lights on Front Street near the Bank of Bermuda HQ, people are knowingly and willingly running red lights without any care for the LAW or people's own safety.

Phil posted a comment that implementing a system of cameras and automatically fining the owner of the vehicle is a way to go. I have no hope that our Government would consider such a thing because of a variety of reasons - which all are related to them always being in election mode. And unfortunately now that Michael Fahy's no longer a senator, further discussion of poor driving at the House or Senate level is likely to be close to zilch.

Let the anarchy continue.


Denis Pitcher said...

Wait, if we can't even manage to charge properly for parking tickets how can we expect to charge for running stop lights?

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