Thanksgiving holiday solution

Since half of Bermuda sort of celebrates American Thanksgiving anyway, with turkey dinners and stuffing as well as travelling to the U.S. for the post-holiday sales, I figured that Government should perhaps take advantage.

Let Thanksgiving Day become Bermuda's National Heroes Day. Then everybody's a winner. Heck, even the businesses would be okay since half of them observe the holiday anyway. Heck.



So true! But since Bda follows the Brit holiday schedule, for the most part & since the Brits don't actually celebrate Thanksgiving like America or Canada, I don't see how this would happen.

Anonymous said...

I would have thought Government would have declared November 9 as a day of thanksgiving. It would have split the Canadian and American ones and would also have had a deeper meaning for locals on that day. Too close to NOvemebr 11 though to make it feasible.