Bermuda's Election Day announced

In a very strange turn of events today, the Premier called for the dissolution of Parliament and for a new election on December 18th. It was really strange because the Throne Speech was given earlier in the morning. Therefore there's potential for everything in that Throne Speech to be completely null and void (and a big waste of time). It's quite odd.

ZBM said that the announcement was made on the YouTube internet site as well as the PLP website, which perplexed me since something of this magnitude deserved a formal announcement to the mainstream media. I know the Gazette sucks and the TV media are still in the 1980s, but still.

The timing is pretty interesting from the PLP's point of view as it gives them something to highlight in their banquet dinner this Saturday. The UBP probably has prepared for a December election as well. ABC? Whatever.

Anyway your favourite blogs and forums will be sure to provide you with all the opinions and thoughts as Bermuda prepares to elect its government. No predictions yet, of course, heh.

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