Back at the GovTV website

I promised myself I'd avoid overt criticism of a government-owned cable TV station but I decided to visit their website today to see if they put up any useful information since my first visit on launch day.

  • they now have an uninspiring photo gallery of the 'launch party'. People in suits posing and whatnot. No text or anything.
  • there's a 'message from the Premier' which is a JPG scan of a press release. Almost as annoying as a PDF. Like I'm going to print this off or something.
  • Current shows list continues to be mundane in description. I wonder if the BermudaSucks people are going to sue over the name "Bermuda Rocks" as that's an alternative name of their own website.
  • There's a "Who's Who" bit which again is uninspiring photos of behind-scenes stuff. Again, no content whatsoever.
And that's really it. And as of now I haven't heard much regarding the usefulness of the currently broadcast material that warranted its own TV station to host when ZBM, ZFB, VSB or even FreshTV (despite their own shortcomings) have plenty of broadcast room available.


Anonymous said...

What's their URL?


Tryangle said...

The CITV website is at http://www.citv.gov.bm/.

Tryangle said...
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Tryangle said...

Following up, I looked up the definition of public television on

in relation to the Premier's statement that CITV was "Public television".

I read this excerpt on characteristics of public television:
"5. Detachment from vested interests and government — in other words, programming should be impartial, and the stations should not be subject to control by advertisers or government."


Anonymous said...

Nor is it C-SPAN which is bipartisan and paid for by the cable companies that carry it as a public service.