Selective bias by the media?

As many locals know, the news media, namely the Gazette and the Mid-Ocean News, have been under attack from the Progressive Labour Party and accused of being biased against that political group.

With that in mind, shouldn't the party be calling for a boycott of that newspaper? Also, why are they still referencing articles from the Gazette? If the party believes that the Gazette is biased against them then they should not be quoting articles by them on their website. They can easily use the Bermuda Sun. They also can utilize Bermuda Network News which is at the least, affiliated with one of their political candidates (although they're also affiliated with Bermuda Broadcasting which I think is also not on the good guys' list). Potentially, they have avenues through the Workers' Voice and with hott fm affiliated with another political candidate, can utilize transcripts for any sound bites they wish to utilize.

Basically, the gist is that if you don't like a newspaper, you shouldn't quote them and drive traffic towards them, right?

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