Cement situation seems scary

Now I haven't been giving as much attention as perhaps should be applied to the local cement situation thanks to all the other vast important local issues, but reading through some of the latest news in which it appears that we're slated for a rough go as far as the construction industry is concerned thanks to a bad situation with the Bermuda Cement Company.

With that in mind I refer the intriguing New Onion blog entry that ponders if this action is part of a scheme to 'get back' at an old-Bermuda family in order to instill in its place someone tied to the ruling Government.

I guess that after the election is over and the euphoria (and disappointment) dies down a little, this issue will be raised over the Christmas week and become something that gets much more attention as New Year's approaches.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for reading.

One thing is for sure: Shutting down Bermuda Cement Co. and knocking down those silos is NOT in the best interests of the taxpaying public.

It's not just the "getting back" at the family who have run that business for "too long" in the words of Minister Burgess, it's that on a very basic level there is no way that spending $15 million to move the silos is at all economically justifiable.