Car parking abuse

I completely agree with Limey's sentiments on the Corporation of Hamilton's car clamping policy and barriers. Reading the accompanying Gazette article, I was thinking, how lazy and irresponsible are these motorists? Park your car appropriately and pay the parking fee. Lord.

Some guy actually said that "This is an island, we just need to relax, man." WTF?

If you park illegally, you should be prepared to face the consequences. That applies to those who like to double-park too. They ought to get an immediate ticket from the wardens.

Of course we need more parking options. We also need to catch the dang buses and ferries more often. Then again the amount of buses on the roads hasn't increased yet.

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Anonymous said...

I wondered what will happen to the monthly parking permits when the Corporation installs the security arms at parking lots. Hopefully they will also install state of the art swipe cards for those monthly pass holders? Or will all lots revert to day use, pay as you go with a handful of coins...