No live debates

I'm pretty disappointed. In a country where the political parties are using the Web to broadcast their messages to the public, nobody wants to participate in a simple TV debate about the issues at hand.

How sad is that? People don't want to debate the issues?

This probably show that indeed, the political parties are more focused on scaremongering, convincing us that the real issue is that the opposing party is going to take the island down a path of ruination rather than discussing topics and gaining political leverage.

Dr. Brown's response is that it would only be entertaining but no political value. WTF? So all those TV debates going on in the United States have no value to people considering who to vote for, etc.?

The Opposition leader wouldn't even commit to a yay or nay on it, which is even worse. Sheesh.

Both political parties suck. And they claim to be concerned about voter apathy. Bull.


Anonymous said...

I believe Dunkley said Yes, just in his overly conversational way. That's a little unfair.

Anonymous said...

According to yesterday's Bermuda Sun (page 7) Michael Dunkley's response to a proposed television debate was: "I have no problem with it if that's what the people want. Whatever people want I'm game for it."
Quite a contrast to Ewart Brown's "it doesn't fit our strategy" don't you think?

Tryangle said...

The issue I have with Mr. Dunkley's response is that it wasn't committal. I'd have thought more of it if he was like "yes I wish to challenge the PLP and show that our agenda for Bermuda is better, via a live one-to-one with their leader" or something like that.

As the challenging party, they ought to actually challenge the incumbents as much as possible.