Not good takeout service

Usually, ordering takeout from L'Oriental goes pretty smoothly but you know how the bad experiences are the ones that you make more noise about? Well that was me and I'm very reluctant to call them again or go to the restaurant.

Last week I called to make a takeout order for our team at the office. When I indicated I'd like to place a takeout order, the guy on the other end said that they aren't doing takeout orders. Me, I'm thinking, wait it's only 1:45, there's no reason for them to not be doing this, and am about to ask what the deal is, and I'm cut off.

In retrospect, I'd like to think that a more appropriate response from them would be to ask me the customer if there's anything else they can do for me, but anyway.

My colleague called them back and was able to get a takeout order, so something's not quite right with that establishment.

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