Things I haven't seen

Crap, so I forget to take my manifestos home this weekend to study in depth. However, I'm a little disappointed that some of the issues that I am interested in were not highlighted by either political party as far as I know. Denis Pitcher brings up his own outlooks on the highlighted items by the Gazette.

Discrimination based on sexual orientation being added or not included to the Human Rights Act has been avoided like the plauge. I think that all of the politicians are conscious of losing support by taking a stand in either direction. Although, it also exposes them as being soft-bellied and incapable of anything besides party-speak. Yes, it's likely that most Bermudians are against the amendment because being gay is still taboo in the island. Therefore you'll probably lose votes because you want to make the amendment. Also, it's politically incorrect to say you're against it because we're living in a society where there is freedom of religion, etc. So it's convenient to stay silent until you get the feeling that the support is strong in either direction. Bleh. What I do remember, is the pathetic non-debate that happened when it was brought up by Renee Webb not long ago. A sad day all-around.

Conscription to the Bermuda Regiment is another one that the parties don't address. I remember when I was in Barbados reading a Gazette article that showed the Regiment campaigning for volunteer women (but not men!). It reminded me of the fact that the Regiment are more than happy to continue to pluck at random a batch of guys and force them to undergo military training. Again, I think that the majority of Bermudians either don't care (because it doesn't affect them - remember half the population would never be forced to serve) or support it on the basis of "we had to do it, so should you". Politicians are avoiding this issue for the most part. Again, the current policy is biased and sexist and the politicians aren't bothered. Great blog post on this issue, Denis.

Finally, the UBP has pledged to bring in speed cameras (aren't they already on-island in a warehouse or something ^_^) while the PLP will trumpet their introduction of the licence points demerit programme. Neither has appeared to want to clamp down on Bermuda's culture of reckless driving. Whether it be by increasing traffic wardens in town and nailing those double-parkers along Queen and Reid Street, or having more officers to book the folks doing their dangerous weaving on their bikes, people seem to be happy with our "accident" rates which are quite high for such a small country.

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