Family and Sesame Street

So I'm in Barbados chilling and on TV is Sesame Street. Shoot me, it's a monsoon here and people are panicking over rumour of another earthquake coming... Yep Bermudians aren't the only ones who are subject to getting tricked when it comes to natural disasters.

Anyway. The subject of the episode was families. They then did a montage of families and one of them showed briefly two men flanking a kid, all of them eating ice cream.

I thought that was quite interesting. There's probably something on the Web addressing this but I wonder if people both in Barbados and Bermuda, places dominated by the church at times, this will be noticed. Suffice it to say the issue of gay rights has been prominent in the news.

In fact there was a news story in the Nation News where a prominent Catholic priest said that the Church has to fight against legislation that excludes people because of lifestyle or sexual habits.

It's an opposite path to that taken by many leaders in Bermudian churches.

Right now this issue in Bermuda is on the back-burner even during election season, thanks to the usual party dick-measuring games. I'm guessing that since both parties avoid the issue that's why it doesn't come up. Maybe in the New Year the topic will arise again.



It's always interesting how the church & government are so anti gay when there are so many other issues that need their attention. Why not focus on world poverty, world peace, child and spousal abuse?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Sesame Street, if you have an evening to spare you should read "My Life as a Furry Red Monster.." by Kevin Clash; the man behind Elmo. It is a wonderful book revealing many lessons in life that Sesame Street have tried to teach us over the years.


I enjoy reading your blog - enjoy the vacation!