Clayhouse Inn

Not long ago, I was making the ride into work. Passed by a big UBP/Dunkley banner in Flatts. Then another hanging from a house near Terceira's Shell in North Shore. And later I would pass by an enormous banner for Patrice Minors (and if I must say, she looks absolutely gorgeous in her campaign photo).

But anyway I reach this large building and think to myself, this would be prime real estate to hang a big political banner from.

This building, which has fallen into an unsightly condition, used to be the ClayHouse Inn, once a popular place for entertainment and I assume hotel-like lodging. It's sat in a disused and abandoned state since 1999 at least, yet it seems as though people are content to let this building blight an otherwise beautiful strip of coast.

From what I've heard, the current property owner isn't concerned with renovating or selling. And, I don't know if Government has the capability to take over the property in the public interest. But surely there's value in taking such an unwanted property, and making a set of accomodation, even emergency housing, out of it?

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