Manifestos out in Bermuda

Glad to hear that the PLP's election manifesto is now out and that the UBP's one is coming soon. Looking forward to reading it although the commentary I've read so far seems to indicate that it's a lot of promises without an explanation of how they will be achieved.

Of particular interest to me will be the free bus and ferry proposals (I don't see this as an incentive for people to ditch their cars, still and have yet to see a study/poll that proves it), the first-time homeowners getting interest-free downpayments (nice, I think, but will that make a home affordable to me even if I was one of those fortunate 500?), and the environmental Green Paper (as NewOnion says, this could be initiated now or in the past, and really is a very blah promise in comparison. The duty breaks for 'green' initiatives, is good though).

More later. Barbados for its part is in a vigorous political battle as again, an election is due soon and the incumbent party is dealing with allegations of government money going to private enterprises behind the scenes.

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