22-14 to the incumbents

So in the end, no net change in the composition of Parliament. Each party won 2 new seats but lost 2. There were a few surprise results, but the net gains were zero and I'd have to say that the PLP won even more comprehensively because:
  • The Opposition party leader was given a hiding by the PLP incumbent in the interesting Smith's North constituency (which may or may not be renamed "Dame Lois country").
  • The PLP held the majority of the popular vote (about 2,000?). Voter turnout was high again so they can easily claim a mandate from the people.
The candidates who lost their battles on both sides appeared to show grace and humility in interviews, which was impressive.

With a retained majority of seats, I don't expect much shuffling of Cabinet posts. Maybe Dr. Brown will shift one of his own big portfolios, but I doubt it as I think he has a few more initiatives he'd like to roll out. For example, he unveiled a minibus to serve along a 'feeder route' just before the election, the details of which I'm looking forward to seeing.

The UBP, they'll have to figure out where they went wrong. I think they made a few mistakes during their campaign (and in the months before) that didn't serve them well in gathering more of the undecideds or PLP frustrateds over to their side (e.g. BHC). They have the matter of reorganising their Shadow Cabinet and picking a new Opposition leader.

There's also the matter of choosing new Senators. UBP will have to make at least one change. PLP may stick with their current group (two Senators ran, both lost) or make a shift or two.

I may mention items from the UBP's agenda that I think the PLP ought to look at in a future post, but right now, I'm celebrating, and it's not because the election's over ^_^...

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