Blogging mobile

It's not easy blogging and reading blogs from mobile devices but it's worth it, particularly now that every day somebody's blogging new content, whether it be VB, Politics.bm, Prog Minds, 21 Sq. or whoever.

Regading the blogs themselves, I'm interested in the studies done on 21 Square with the CURE numbers. Also the commentary on the cement situation which contrary to my earlier musing, is an issue front and centre now. Government appears to be taking on a large heap of projects now, which seems rather presumptuous of them. Apparently some PLP supporters have responded to the nasty cartoons with trash of their own. Peachy.

Bermuda Broadcasting, another walkout? Sheesh. Maybe Gov't should buy them and merge it with Gov TV and then things can move on. No, I'm not serious.

BermudaSucks have relaunched their site and forum using the cool Joomla tool, as seen on other local sites. Problem is that navigation is worse now for mobile users, heh.

More later.

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