Independence, the TV ad

I'm with Denis Pitcher. Why did that CURE stats stuff highlight B.A. Degrees and not other undergrad degrees? That seems weird. B.Sc and LL.B should count there, right? Anyway.

The PLP blog throws an interesting question regarding the mysterious RCI group and their strange TV ads warning the public that Independence could get forced down their throats.

I don't think that the group is affiliated with the UBP (although I bet that all members will vote that party), but the message they're sending out is clearly scaremongering for something that could be a red herring. There's really no indication so far that Independence would be sought by the PLP if they won the election. I'm no legal mind but if it's not in their official manifesto (which for all I know may get released December 18 at 8pm), they probably won't be able to use the results as a mandate to go independent against the will of the people.

That ad, UBP-funded or not, will not win any votes for the party that the RCI is tying to draw towards and may easily do the opposite.

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