Independence: Make a Nation

This is the 38th year of Independence for Barbados. I wish those in Barbados a happy Independence Day. Aquamarine and gold (I know, "blue" would be easier to say) forever!

The Barbados Association of Bermuda had their pre-Independence banquet a couple of days ago and the guest speaker was Noel Lynch, Minister of Tourism of Barbados. I'm impressed that the Association was able to bring in the Minister. He gave an interesting and thought-provoking speech which covered the topic of Independence.

Bermuda is going through a period where the topic of Independence from Great Britain has come to the forefront again. Government appears to want to press forward with plans while the majority of the public appears to prefer the status quo as a self-governing territory.

There are interesting arguments for both sides of the debate, my impression is that it's being made into an argument of following your heart (pro-Independence) or following your head (anti-Independence). What's the best course of action?

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