Gullible? Or Bored?

I am amazed at how many people believe what they read in forwarded e-mails. This time, it was the old and rehashed tale of a young (white) man who solicits a prostitute (asian), is asked for kinky sex, allows himself to be tied up, then a large (black) man comes in and sodomizes him and he's found the next morning with no money and bleeding everywhere.

If I had a dollar for every urban legend or chain letter hoax that I've seen via e-mail or message board, I'd be able to buy a house... in Bermuda, even!

Anyway, I'm tired of them, so please never ever send me a chain letter or hoax. If you get one, verify the authenticity of it if you must (which is quite easy to do on the Web), but don't turn around and add a bit saying "I don't know if this is true, but what if it is, better safe than sorry" or the like. It's pretty aggravating.

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