Web coding for the older browsers

Internet Explorer 5 isn't that much of a relic.

I attempted to get to abcnews.com this morning and was astounded to see a "browser upgrade" page telling me that I should upgrade to IE 5.5 or 6, Opera or Firefox, etc., in order to view the content of the site.

Talk about terrible. When you have a huge website such as ABCNews.com, shouldn't your business be to provide information to as many people as possible, regardless of their chosen web browser? Instead, they have excluded thousands of people from viewing their content because of their desire to provide "interactive content", blah blah blah. It's okay to provide that for the newer browsers, and rightfully so, but you should have an option for the guys who aren't able to have the latest and greatest browser software, especially if all they want to do is read a report and don't necessarily need to hear bells and whistles and whatever gimmickry they've undoubtably thrown up there.

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