Take this guy off the road, now

I'm riding on Cedar Avenue on my way to work (traffic's not bad, oddly enough) and I see up ahead this guy on a bike overtake a van. The traffic light has clearly just turned red and the guy still doesn't slow down. The guy finally realizes that he's in a bit of a spot and slams brakes hard, his bike coming to a stop in the middle of the darn intersection. He predictably wobbles about but holds firm. Problem is, he's still in the middle of the bloody intersection and only notices that predicament when cars start coming across the lane! He backs his bike up and I'm shaking my head the whole time. I hope he knows how close he came to causing something really horrific to happen.

Dude, you need to be made a permanent pedestrian. Driver of bike licence # AY 139, you are Booked. I think I need to trademark these catch phrases.

On top of this and on a more serious note, I heard a report that someone did lose their life in a road accident last night. Tragic, whatever the circumstances of that, if it's indeed true.

Other news: bought an 80GB hard drive so that I could install my new copies of Madden and FIFA 2005 (thanks, little sis!). Got an optical mouse (cordless!) as well. Mind you, I still have Win 98 so I'm going to be taking a chance I presume, when I go about partitioning and swapping disks later on. Ah well. Heck, you know what they say about boys and their toys...

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