Why our Road Laws won't get changed

For aggressive driving, namely, forcing yourself into the line of traffic which could have caused an accident, GP065 - yes, that indicates a Government car licence, you are booked.

There have been proposals to limit the number of cars in use by banning expat workers from owning them (ooh, this is even better - one proposal was to ban them except for CEOs, etc. Talk about disgusting). Without even considering the possible strain on those workers with young families, this proposal reeks.

I'll say this again - take the bad drivers off the road. And stop bringing in the oversized cars. And enforce rules on when tractor trailers can travel. Make it convenient to use public transportation. Provide incentives to carpool. They're planning to do a survey on carpooling in Bermuda. I already know what the results will be. I did a survey of my own in March 2002.

Between about 8:40 and 8:55 am along my route to work over 5 random days, I observed a total of 441 cars heading in the direction of Hamilton (our capital city). Of them, 112 of then contained one or more passengers. So, 75% of the cars passing by carried no passengers at all. I expect this result to be the same for the upcoming survey by Cedarbridge Academy, although theirs would be admittedly more scientific than my little poll. I have to bear in mind the percentage of those passenger-free cars that may have carried infants to nursery/day-care before they reached me, for example. But the overall result is that Bermudians, they don't carpool. They'll pick up a friend at the bus stop but that's not really carpooling.

Anyway. One of my favourite people, Khaliah, had her birthday on the 14th of this month so I'm giving her a shout-out. She's a delight to be around and if she wasn't engaged to her long-time boyfriend, she'd have been snapped up a long time ago, heheh. Happy B-day, Liah!

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