Adventures with my PC

As December rolls in...

My sister bought me a couple of sports games for my PC (thanks sis), but I realized that the hard disk requirements were well over 1 GB. With only like 700 MB to spare on my measly 12 GB hard drive, I decided to buy a new hard drive that would eventually become my primary drive. So I get this nice 80 GB drive and feel good - all I need to do is study up on the art of partitioning.

Problem, my BIOS was dated and couldn't recognize the large hard drive. So I ordered a BIOS upgrade from the BIOS manufacturer - pretty easily, mind you. Download and install was okay.

After partitioning my new hard drive, I'm unable to get too far because sometime after I boot to Windows and am apparently all right, the system hangs. The power light goes into a rapid flashing state. I think it has to do with the system thinking that it's in standby mode. So I'll have to figure out how to beat that.

Meanwhile, I already know the step that I'll have to take afterwards: my processor speed is only 500 MHz. Potentially, I'll need to upgrade my video card as well. Kevin S is correct - I should just get a new PC already. Heh.

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