Hello, Autumn

I was out sick (some stomach malady) on Thursday and Friday, and couldn't even update the blog because I had problems getting to the "Post" page for Blogger. What can you do.

Since the site launch, I've had several nice comments, and thank you to all those who have visited. Oddly enough, only two entries in the Guestbook. Maybe that's the trend. Predictably, people are talking about DAG Theory. Incredible. It just goes to show that people like to talk about the crazy interactions between men and women. The Beachlime Forums are up and running and even that site had a problem over the weekend, which was quickly resolved by the hosting department. Way to go, guys! Visit the Forum, everyone.

In the news, Dubya will be running the USA for another four years. Many people are going crazy over this. I won't say who would have been better for the country but it'll be good for America to encourage Bush to settle things with his allies, such as Russia and France. I don't think we can deal with four more years of Cowboy Politics.

Mortal Kombat's latest edition is now out. Unfortunately I still don't have a console, so until I shell out the bucks for one of those systems, Midway won't be seeing my money. Too bad. The PC was a worthy-enough platform and I'd definitely get that game for it.

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