El Quickie

I have somewhat of a pet peeve about grammar, but here's a trend that I am not fond of at all. That is, the misuse of double quotes.
Example: a memo sent out over our intranet with the text containing something like this: 'Our department wishes to express our "Thanks" for your generous contributions...'
Why not just say thank you without the quotes? To me, this comes across as insincere or some kind of silly corporate-speak - yes another pet peeve, but that's for another day.
For some reason, the corporate world likes to add the double quotes to words like "Congratulations", "Special" and "Surprise" as well. Ugh. Give me a break.

Website update: New poem from Tsehay! It's a pretty cool one too, I think. My friend, she's got some skills.

One more thing, and this is the kind of thing that makes me want to get one of those camera phones or carry my digital camera (I need a new one, actually) around with me at all times... I'm riding home today and pass the Shell gas station on North Shore in Smith's Parish. I see the flags that they have raised and do a double-take. The Shell flag farthest from me and the Bermuda flag in the middle are okay, but the Shell flag closest to me has been raised upside-down! I was tempted to call the Shell office and offer my condolences for their loss. Heh. I hope somebody there noticed and alerted someone to fix that mistake. I bet nobody there noticed.

Anyway, the next season of the Amazing Race starts tonight. After all the chaos going on, it'll be good to watch some good entertainment again. Frankly, Anna Nicole on meth or Vibe Music Awards people getting into fights, doesn't do it for me.

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