Pepsi on the bandwagon

I thought of Obama as soon as I saw the new Pepsi logo in their commercials, too.

They say that the logo's really just a 'smile', but I didn't see it until looking more closely at it, so I still think the not-so-subtle Obama logo similarity weighed greatly in their choice of the new logo.

My opinion? Pepsi's marketing to the world, not just the U.S., and Obama is popular world-wide. If they can show a correlation between Pepsi and Obama and an eager public is drawn to it, they win big. Doesn't matter if there's some backlash among those who either think that Obama is Satan or don't like the idea of companies piggybacking off a celebrity's star status.

That said, the design probably doesn't have the staying power to last more than a year or two. Better keep their classic logo ready to relaunch.

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