Don't put your dog in a dress

Dogs shouldn't wear dresses, even if you're Paris Hilton's dogI don't often listen to the radio but tonight by chance I got home and hott fm was on the air. The host had apparently picked up a loose chihuahua on the street and was trying to locate the owner. After some dialogue between the host and co-host, it turns out that the poor dog's wearing some kind of dress.

Oh hell no. Don't people know that dogs secretly hate owners who dress them up?

Eventually after some people called in to identify the dog ("wearing a pink dress" - oh dear Lord), the host got a call in from the owner, who had apparently been running around town looking for the missing pup.

Then the really hilarious part of it. The woman was all relieved that the dog was found, then launched into a speech saying how frantically she was searching about, and that she didn't even have her bra on...

This is how crazy people who dress their pets are. They will put a freaking dress on their pet and not think about fully dressing themselves. But it made for some good early evening entertainment, for me at least.

(Side note: I read that for dogs like chihuahuas that are small and don't have much fur that wearing some kind of covering, particularly in colder climates/months, is a good thing, however that's like for a shirt or sweater. Dresses and little boots, um no)

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