Cablevision Bda shuts down ZBM/ZFB TV

I hope all my friends in Bermuda who were looking forward to the premiere of LOST tonight have backup rabbit-ear antennas else we gonna have a lot of ticked off people around tomorrow.

Actually, with all the Y&R and Oprah fans on the island, there's sure to be tons of complaints directed at Cablevision for shutting down the feeds when they did. 5pm seems like the timimg decision was very calculated and devious.
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Anonymous said...

Just one more reason I don't have cable and stick with my rabbit ears :)

Anonymous said...

Honestly.... good riddance. Bda Broadcasting's 7 and 9 have always been poor quality.... and remember the Olympics debacle? Cablevision are actually right here - why should they be forced to carry stations at a fee when they are otherwise free over the air?

Anonymous said...

Because the quality of an over-the-air broadcast is even worse that Cablevision, and you can't record the programmes on your DVR, either. If Cablevision really had the interests of their customers at heart, they would have passed on the charge for 7 and 9 to their customers, but allowed us to choose whether or not we wanted to take those channels. Those of us who see value-add in getting them through Cablevision could have continued to do so, and those such as yourself who are happy getting them over the air could have done that too.

Tryangle said...

It's actually a good idea for them to at least consider that, instead of just pissing off customers the way that they did.

I suppose both parties feel they are standing on the moral high ground when in reality neither of them is coming out too well at all.