Finding a restaurant that everyone likes

It's not that we don't have a variety of restaurants to choose from in town, although once you eliminate certain venues from the equation (KFC, Spot, Cafe Continental) for various reasons, in this case, somewhere that we can have decent food and lively conversation without feeling cramped or like you have to always be shouting, it gets tricky because for some reason, most of my friends totally despise one or two of the options.

Coconut Rock? One person despises it.
Pickled Onion? Different person despises it.
L'Oriental? Guess what.

I mean, if everybody didn't like the food or service at a particular spot that's one thing, but for some reason we end up with one person who just doesn't like anything that the restaurant's serving.

On the other hand, maybe it's simply that the pool of restaurants I'm considering is too shallow and I need to bring into play the restaurants I wouldn't ordinarily go to because of prices. I just realized that most of my friends like Greg's Steakhouse. Time to switch tacks, perhaps.


Marcus said...

Indigo out at Flatts is very good. But expect to spend the entire evening there, and don't go in hungry, go in knowing that you'll be hungry in an hour.

Anonymous said...

Give Bermuda Bistro a chance( Formely the Beach)excellant value and fast service we are offering some great specials this winter ! Rick Olson Owner/Mgr

Tryangle said...

Thanks for the tip Rick - any chance I can get an extra discount for the free advertising? Hehehe.

In all fairness, I've enjoyed the food at Bistro at the Beach since it reopened and it would probably make a decent option. Don't get to go there often for whatever reason.

Indigo (and its neighbour, Rustico) both intrigue me as options. But yeah I've been aware that wait times can be on the lengthy side...