The beginning of the end of ZBM TV?

Looks like Cablevision Bermuda will be allowed to not carry local stations, after all.

What happens now? There are a whole lot of Cablevision subscribers, however many of them still watch the local stations particularly during the Bermuda prime-time block, i.e. Y&R-local news-Oprah 6-9pm slots.

Bermuda Broadcasting is still going to retain exclusive rights locally to events like the Superbowl, Olympics, Wimbledon finals, and likely hold their licences for all CBS and ABC programming as well.

Does Cablevision, for its part, have in the wings those networks in HDTV and want to leverage those advantages to their subscribers?

No idea how this will turn out, except that the public's likely to get shortchanged, at least in the short term. And that World On Wireless should be feeling a bit upbeat about getting new business.


Anonymous said...

If Cablevision go ahead and pull the plug on those channels, they'll go out of business. There's no way they'll do it.

Anonymous said...

Well, they did it. Chicken begins.