Kill off ZBM (aka I changed my mind)

This has become a yearly thing. Gearing up to watch an NFL playoff game on ZBM, and for some reason ZBM's still showing BBC World. The whole CBS pregame wasn't broadcast nor were the opening several minutes of the Ravens-Dolphins game. Whoever's supposed to be at the studio pulling whatever figurative switch that swaps to the CBS coverage wasn't around or something until well after 2pm.

I take back what I said about free TV. Along with an absence of moving to digital, doing something besides relying on 'file photos' in their TV news reporting, having the worst station watermarks ever on its provided shows, lack of online presence in any shape or form, crazy audio issues, they continue to stumble. I think they have a legit argument in their beef with Cablevision, but Limey's right. Apologies to the 10% or so of households that don't have subscription television, but the local guys suck.

Maybe if they fold (they can keep their radio services), government will provide all residents with digital boxes so they can receive Gov.TV and the like. Don't know what will happen when the uproar over the absence of the 6pm-9pm Y&R-local news-Oprah viewing block emerges, though.

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Tryangle said...

I swear I didn't write either of the two LttEs in the Gazette that dealt with the ZBM fracas on the weekend ^_^ but it's good to know that others share my sentiments.