Club versus country? The fans have spoken

Not literally, of course, but after seeing how many spectators were at Somerset Cricket Club to watch the Dudley Eve finals, it shoult be obvious that the passion for local footy far outweighs that of seeing Bermuda play.

The effect is even greater in cricket. Bermuda played against Scotland and later Namibia in four-day matches last year, however there weren't more than 50 people in attendance on the Saturday that I watched the Scotland match. Many more were at the Western Counties game, I'm sure.

While it's one thing to discuss what players choose to do when faced with the choice of representing Bermuda or not, it's another thing to discuss the sports fan's choice of what to support. And right now, and partly also because of the lack of recent success of Bermuda in cricket or football (we'll include the Bermuda Hogges in this as well), it would appear that club support and pride far outweighs national support and pride.

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