Women's football

I read today on IslandStats that FIFA is going to up the minimum amount of money spent on women's football to a whopping 20% of the overall grants to each member association.

Whooo. Actually this may be FIFA trying to make amends for scheduling the Women's World Cup at a time of year where it's competing against professional football in Europe and South America, not to mention both baseball and American football in the USA, and even rugby union's World Cup. For some reason the powers that be decided against holding it in the relatively less busy late summer months. Silly.

Anyway, while the women's game isn't going to be a major event, FIFA ought to do better. They should be pioneering increased contributions to promoting the sport. After all, half the population is female. Mind you, in Bermuda there are all kinds of issues with the BFA where nobody seems to trust anybody from the board to the clubs to the referees. National sport or not, local football doesn't appear to deserve its $10 million investment from the Government. There are a few swimmers, for example, who could use a decent 50m pool...

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