Never underestimate the stupidity of a user

Bank of Bermuda, known to half of Bermuda as HSBC (to be kind), was the subject of a phishing attack sometime on Thursday. This scam manifested itself as a poorly-written email complete with Bank logo, advising the reader that their account was compromised and that they need to have it fixed by *clicking on the link* and entering their account details!

Now, while the scammer's website looked authentic and mimicked the Bank's website in nearly perfect fashion, the fact that people, including business banking users, actually clicked on the link and entered their details just proves how naive Internet users are even in this age.

This is not new. The 419 frauds are old news. People are asked to do this from Paypal, E-Bay and every other major Bank in the world. You'd think that people would watch and pay attention to the news programs that highlight these things and never, never, never, click on a link in an unsolicited e-mail (again, poor grammar? Warning lights, people!) claiming to be from a financial institution.

Nope. People are still freakin' gullible. I personally think those people ought to be stripped of any Internet rights and be given training on protecting their own dang money before taking on such responsibility, however businesses are forced to panic and scramble to protect the stupidity of its customers. Woy.

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