Demerit system for licences

Looks like after much discussion in the media and online, the Government is going to introduce a points demerit system for revoking licences.

I'm looking at the initial statement by the Premier:

"First, it monitors the development of poor driving records in newly licensed drivers and takes steps to improve their driving habits. Second, it protects the public from habitual offenders by disqualifying or revoking the licenses of unsafe drivers."

What's a little weird, and I hope this is cleared up in tomorrow's report, is that it only talks about newly licensed drivers, and not all currently licensed drivers. Hopefully that's a typo or something and we don't have to wait for people's current licences (which have a 10-year expiry period) to expire before they are monitored or whatnot. Anyway I await further news.

Here's the thing however. It's all good to announce this piece of legislation, it's another thing to see it enforced. There's not enough enforcement on the roads at this time to catch the vast majority of red-light runners, inside overtakers, and other road maniacs, so the question is will there be an increased police presence to book and demerit these offenders anyway?

Then again, Christmas is approaching and we're due for another announced police blitz, so who knows.

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