Bermuda and the PGA Grand Slam

So the PGA Grand Slam of Golf is taking place here this week. With the big Music Festival also just concluding it was a great coup for the guy who managed to bring in and licence a pair of luxury Lexus sedans, conveniently taking advantage of a recent law wiping off tons of duty on vehicles to be used as limos.

Anyway the powers that be decided to give the very inappropriate theme of "Turn Bermuda On" as regards drawing attention to the event locally. For an island that is so 'Christian', we throw in a whole bunch of sexual undercurrent in a lot of our promotions, don't we?

I had a vacation day today but didn't think about attending the event. For one, watching golf live isn't really my thing. Two, the prices are probably out of my reach anyway. Three, the golf club is in a part of Bermuda I've never even come close to seeing. Just one of those things. I don't personally have anything against the Mid Ocean Golf Club, but it just seems weird thinking of going to a part of Bermuda that historically represents all of "not" me.

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