Sure, I'll pay more for the three-pack

The MarketPlace, Bermuda's largest and yet most ghetto grocery store chain, often has strange pricing strategies on its products but when I saw that a single box of Irish Spring soap costs $1.11 (I know, it's freaking expensive anyway) yet is still a better deal than the three-pack which costs $3.67!, I was shocked.

Mind you, the strategy of "if the customer doesn't notice then let's continue to screw 'em" seems to work as immediately after I took this photo, a man walked up, grabbed the three-pack and went along his way.

This phenomenon isn't restricted to soap mind you. I've seen this with napkins as well so it seems to be an overall store strategy to up the price on "economy packs" and mislead the public accordingly. Just goes to show the importance of paying attention to price labels.

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And this is why I prefer not to shop in Bermuda for toilettries but I know not everyone gets that opportunity.

And while Canada is much cheaper, Candian products in Bermuda are now more expensive than before due to the strong Canadian Dollar. Sigh!