Should've knocked this twit down

This morning I'm headed to work along Marsh Folly Road, not much traffic to deal with. A guy on a pedal cycle is riding along the road, hands behind his back, showboating or whatever. Stupid dolt, I think. Anyway I move to overtake him and all of a sudden this fella veers over to the right to turn into Blackwatch Pass, still with his daggone arms behind his back, completely oblivious to my approach.

So of course I have to pull brakes hard to avoid sending this idiot skidding along the road, and it would have been something to see him flying with his arms behind him unable to even try to save his dumb behind. Totally ticked off, I give him a honk of the horn and go along my way. Wonder if he put his hands where they should have been after that. I mean, he's on a public road, not his freaking backyard, right?

I'm going to get in trouble for saying this, I'm sure, but each time this crap happens I'm one step closer to not giving a toss and just whacking an idiot rider.

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