Why don't they implement cameras at intersections

Dear Bermuda Government,

After watching other jerks such as the rider of AW081 blatantly run a red-light at the Cedar Avenue/Victoria Street intersection (the light was red when he approached it, he overtook me as I waited then went through after looking both ways, - he watched his Sesame Street, I suppose), I urge you to consider implementing a system of cameras at traffic lights and other intersections to catch violators of the law and dangers to our pedestrians and other motorists.

After you complete your most-worthy $25,000 private car park for Ministers that will surely be of great benefit to the community, perhaps you can spare a little time to address this issue before there is a serious collision. It may very well save the life of one of you.


bda_rock said...

Exactly when are you running the red light??? Once you cross the line that is paints by the pedestrian crossing? Once you stop on the pedestrian crossing? Or do you need to drive through the intersection before it is classed as "running the light". Also, on the stop light subject... Does anyone know what to do when the traffic lights aren't working??? I don't think so... I almost got creamed by some idiot flying through the intersection at Dundonald & Cedar... If you are one of those idiots, the answer is that the intersection should be considered a 4 way stop. ie. everybody should stop and look before proceding.

Tryangle said...

Well if you're stopped on the pedestrian crossing itself, that's no good especially if you're said pedestrian and have to walk into the road itself to get to the other side, I think.

As for the intersection situation where there are no traffic lights, there's this story from July where luckily there were no kids in the playground at the time. But yes I agree with you, people should exercise extreme caution when approaching such an intersection and not decide it's Need 4 Speed time on their Playstation.

The law says that the line before the crossing is where your vehicle should be behind, but we all know that if you do that some joker's going to overtake you on their bike and rest on the crossing anyway (or beyond!).

I think that the knowledge that cameras are there to monitor traffic would serve as a deterrent to the madmen and again, possibly save lives.