I'm back in business

For now, anyway. Got home internet access working for the time being so I'm milking this baby until I fall over. Have a lot to catch up on.

I want to post about my completion of Lynne Truss's (or is that Truss', eh?) "Eats, Shoots & Leaves", but I'll do that later.

My eyes feel much better, but I still have to take these two sets of prescription eye drops for the next 12 or so days. Hope these fix the problem for good. My right eye has never looked better. However, from the other side, it's blurry looking out of it right now. Hopefully that will clear up shortly.

Cup Match, our annual TWO-DAY HOLIDAY set up primarily for a cricket match, was good, with a thrilling conclusion and some very controversial aftermaths involving possible xenophobic statements, on-field altercations, questionable umpiring, and a tussle over broadcasting rights. Crazy. But St. George's won... yay!

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