Don't get me watches, sunglasses or other accessories

Even though Washington Street (North) is a two-way street, the rider of AT815 figured a good way to get to the head of the line was to overtake using the other lane and go from there. She had to make a quick adjustment when she discovered that a car (shocking!) was turning into that particular lane. The sad thing is that I think this happens more times than not, and I wouldn't be surprised to see a car driver make the mistake of believing the street was two-way.

Just about a month after I spent $75 on a pair of sunglasses (recall, my eye infection - and was recommended to purchase a pair asap), they're gone. In a bout of laziness/carelessness, I was attempting to carry a bunch of items home and decided it was smart to put my cap in the front compartment of my bike and slide my shades on top of them while putting one of my bags in the seat compartment and hanging the other bag on the hook in front. Stupid. Somwehere along the line they probably slipped out and I didn't notice, I suppose because I was thinking more about getting home in the rain.

So I get home and realize they're missing. Made a phone call but no luck. One of the things that I was loaded with was a batch of egg rolls and somehow I forgot to put them in the fridge as my mind was elsewhere (I had KFC, go figure) with getting dinner and worrying about the shades. So yesterday afternoon I discover that and have to throw the egg rolls away. So 2-for-2, although the shades were way more important.

Historically I've never had any success with accessories. Watches get lost (or stolen), shades get lost (or broken), and the two times that I've had jewelry (once a bead necklace thing, once a gold bracelet thing - don't ask, because you know I don't even like men's jewelry) they've been stolen. So please, never ever get me accessories.

Meanwhile I'm going to have to get a new pair of shades. I'll be at the pharmacy getting some el cheapos if I can. No more brand-name stuff. Ever.

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