Trying to post again

I've downloaded a copy of Movable Type and Nucleus CMS, and will be evaluating them sometime soon as an eventual replacement for Blogger which at this time is still not publishing my blog with any success.

Some malicious joker invaded the Forums and hacked the index page. Grr. But it did alert me that I needed to keep the Forums updated with the latest versions for all the security leaks that may be exposed from time to time. So sometime soon I'll be attempting to upgrade the forum pages.

A good friend of mine apparently will become a new parent - so the streak continues. I'm getting called "Uncle" quite a bit recently. I love kids. But it's a little bit weird.

My girl, Andrea, that's right, I'm claiming her because after all we were the tightest of physics buddies back at Harrison College (and let me tell you, A-level physics was really tough), continued to rock with a 6th-place performance at the Worlds. Just short of a medal, but imagine being classed as one of the top racers in the world. Incredible.

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