Congratulations to the Hacker

A malicious hacker has succeeded in his mission to frustrate me with the website. I'd give him mad props for wasting 20 minutes of his time which led to me wasting as of now 3 days (this number will grow, believe me) trying to restore things. I hope he was able to gather up more than the measly 10 e-mail addresses that he can sell to mass-spammers.

In a bout of frustration combined with tiredness, I attempted to upgrade the Forums with the latest version of phpBB, but I think I erred and overwrote the config.php file and now I'm stuck with what could be a irrecoverable situation. That plus the fact that I can't blog anything (I will be manually putting this entry onto the site) turns my site into the old 1990s style lask-of-updates kind of craphole.

In other news, I was a passenger in a car that was side-swiped by some driver in a hit-and-run situation. My belief, as well as that of the police officers who came to file the report, is that the driver was likely drunk and didn't want to stop because they'd get booked for impaired driving. If there's a silver lining, it's that he or she took a good chunk of damage himself or herself. After all, we managed to get their BLUE headlight cover as our souvenir (well, until the Police took it for their records, heh). I'll be watching the streets for the jackass, though.

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