Back up to speed

The Forums have been tidied up for the time being thanks to the upgrade and adding some mods to allow users to register via visual confirmation and this should discourage the pesky bots from getting in and whatnot.

I'll be resuming my mini-projects sometime soon, such as the Hearts guide, new icon pack and eventual conversion of the Whappenings to something more controllable by myself.

I haven't ranted about traffic craziness here in some time, but I have a couple of observations.

The first is again how some people still don't get the protocol regarding roundabouts. It is [b]not[/b] about who gets there first, it's about giving way to traffic coming from the right and proceeding otherwise. I saw a woman stop at her Give Way sign and try to wave someone through when she had the right of way. Luckily there was only a single motorcyclist behind at the time. But that kind of behaviour could easily lead to a collision.

The second one is a bit more hazy. When I first went to Barbados to study, I was perplexed at how regular pedal cycles had licence plates. It didn't seem to fit. However, now that I'm back here and see some people on the streets doing their wheelies and swerving about in the road and the sidewalk, perhaps implementing legislation should be considered. And no, I'm not talking about putting this on kids' new little bicycle with training wheels and the like. Just bicycles that are to be ridden on the roads. Provide some accountability. And those who race in sanctioned events would be allowed a bit of leeway when they are in competition. Plus it will help when reporting the jokers for their violations (especially the ones with no headlights after dark) and they can be identified by more than "on a black mountain bike", for example. I could really use some feedback on this.

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