Web publishing whatzits

So now, I'm having problems publishing the ol' Whapennings Column. I'm not sure if the fault is with the Blogger service or with my web host. I need to investigate this a bit and perhaps tinker around with some settings on both ends.

I came across a couple of variations of the Nigerian 419 scam, this one pertaining to seeking roommates. Be watchful, dear readers. It's serious stuff.

After further browsing along this intriguing topic I wandered onto the www.419eaters.com site which deals with baiting the scammers, and beating them at their own game sometimes! Fun, but I wouldn't want to try this myself. Me, I just delete the emails as they come in (I used to get a fair bit of these e-mails a while ago but it's died down recently).

Of course my favourite Urban Legends debunker, urbanlegends.about.com, has a small listing of 419 scams to go along with all the other good stuff about spam, urban legends, hoax alerts and the like. Visit that site.

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