The police are gonna be busy - we hope

We have some Evel Kinivel wannabes out here. This deliquent this evening decides that he wants to play Moto Racer on our roads, passing cars around corners and whatnot, forcing vehicles to slow down suddenly and whatnot. 989 AE, you're Booked, and hopefully the Police will follow suit quickly before someone gets hurt by the madness.

Weird thing happened the other evening when I was on my way home. There was this car that was stopped in the road holding up traffic. The other way was clear so I overtook the small line, curious to know why the car had stopped. I saw ahead this bike and as I caught up, I could see what appeared to be a small dog running ahead of it. I got to admit, this dog, and it was like the size of a large cat at best, was tearing down the road, and staying in the lane - I can't say the same for some of the motorists out here!

The passenger on the bike seemed to be trying to get the dog to slow down but it was to no avail - eventually the rider tried to hem the dog in by pulling alongside it, but then the dog made an abrupt right turn and fled up another road to the right. I'm assuming that what happened was that the dog somehow had jumped out of the window of the car or something, and the people on the bike were attempting to stop it from running off. It was odd. I'm hoping that the dog was only heading home, and that the car drivers found the little one safe and sound. I think I'll make a few inquiries tomorrow to see if anything became of it.

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