Finding old Friends

I was thinking about my old friend "aifos" from Sweden who used to post on the ol' IRC #caribchat forum and eventually visited some of the Cave Hill crew back at UWI. Trying to locate her wherabouts. Wonder how far I can get. Her e-mail addy I can still get but don't know how active it is. Maybe I should take on the adventure and fly to Sweden and search. People would think I'm a CIA agent or something, I wager, but heck. Sofia B., if you stumble upon this, drop me a line okay?

In the news, well that earthquake and subsequent tsunami... incredible. Damage beyond belief. Over 80,000 lives lost, from Indonesia to Thailand to Bangladesh to Sri Lanka to India to even Somalia? Tragic. I'll be making a donation to the International Red Cross to try to help out. I can't come up with words to describe what the tragedy means or how fortunate many of us are in that we don't deal with poverty and the like.

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