Yet another driver risking it all

Yes, I feel that during this time of year, I'm going to find myself ticked off at the driving populace in general multiple times during the day, and I'm unapolegetic for it.

I was right behind this car, you know the type, with one of those kooky customized licence plates (congrats to the Government for taking advantage of Bermudians' vanity - and that's another topic altogether), it was something like K8R2U or K8R4U - I was too busy shaking my head at the silliness of the driver's action to pay the detailed attention I usually do to these situations - but the driver failed to recognize that the green light was only a green arrow pointing left, so you can go if and only if (what's that computer term, "iff", right?) you're turning left. If you're turning right, you still need to wait because there's a green light for traffic coming from the other junction to continue along their path. Luckily, there was none and the driver continued his or her merry way along. I could theorize that the driver took the chance on purpose as they didn't see the traffic.

Cameras at traffic lights, please!

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