They've stated decorating our office

More on the Yuletide goings-on later. Anyway.

I may now need to get a new power supply unit for my PC. The power light keeps flashing on, and I've got a workaround in place that disables power management (ie system going on standby). Maybe there's a leak or something. I dunno. Sigh. Will try to install new games this week I think.

My ISP finally cut my dial-up rates, now I'm supposed to be paying only 25 bucks a month and now it's unlimited. Yay, I suppose. DSL still requires buying an expensive modem from the telephone company. Bleh.

Comp Ops had their annual Christmas dinner the other day, pictures are somewhere on Mitch's website. I'm somewhere in there, I think. Was a decent night out.

Plus, from that, I realized that everybody now has a digital camera. Maybe I can add a new camera to my Christmas wish list, not like I keep wish lists around, mind you. I'm not too fond of people asking me "what do you want for your birthday or Christmas". Just icks me out a bit these days, I imagine. Maybe I need to have kids to appreciate it or something.

Honestly, I'm not bothered at all about receiving gifts. But I think I'll be doing a fair bit of shopping the next couple of weeks for people. I don't mind that too much, except for the rush in the stores. Luckily the Web is my friend.

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